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August 28, 2011


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On behalf of dALinkSystem I'm proud to present you some of our finest works :aww:

dALinkSystem is a Group dedicated towards increasing artists exposure by helping others and themselves through a simple and effective "Linking" system. All media is accepted.

The idea:

Link another artists submission in your artist's comment box. It helps everyone's exposure and finds undiscovered art.

If you still feel a little confused I invite you to go through our DD Awarded User's Manual and the How To Link Video Tutorial

The Link System User's Guide by TheFulkrum  dALinkSystem How to Link Tut. by dALinkSystem

You still have about 2 days left to enter thestargazer23’s Art Against Racism Project. Remember, it’s for a good cause. All you’d need to make is creat a piece of art that include the line “Art Against Racism 2011”, simple as that.…
Deadline: 31st August.

:spotlight-left: Photography :spotlight-right:

Horseshoe Motel by SoiledDude Linked to Blue Angel2 by xjoelywoelyx

:thumb252275254: Linked to Lirio de Agua by RollingFishays & Cape Blue Water Lily by RCYrulez

Red Door by LAPoetry-n-Photo Linked to The Red Door by MadameAradia & The Red Door by remidica & Red Door by celticdog

Garibaldi Lake, BC 1 by DTherien Linked to Blue Euphoria by Val-Faustino & Depth by IvanAndreevich

Aria by OpticalIlluzens Linked to Las Vegas July by mrjoetodd & the Aria by LashLaroo

XCVII by as-red-as-fire Linked to :thumb245354714:

They take me everywhere by Miguel-Santos Linked to First step on the journey by Mathness &

Osteospermum by FireFlyExposed Linked to Cape Daisy by cycoze & Osteospermum by Argentum92 & Osteospermum reflections by sourcow

:spotlight-left: Digital Art :spotlight-right:

Black and Cat by Lissaburd Linked to The Gift by diablata

Clever by vibrantcolors Linked to Look... by stephensheehan

GS - Wonderwoman -LS - Colours by ActorzInc Linked to Wonder Woman Lines and Curves by glovestudios

Hear my music... by CarpeDiem70 Linked to Libellula by svetlost70

Upset beauty by philippeL Linked to :thumb254418972:

:spotlight-left: Fractals :spotlight-right:

Anti-Matter by skyzyk Linked to Complexity_Anaglyph by jucarbi & & Fractured World by Baddad & Master Root by GypsyH


Grimeaux by Tibodo Linked to Fusion 92 by auntDevi & The Fly by Octadecagon & Broken fragments by Astrantia01 & Coming in on a Wing 92 by GraphicLia & Heart-Oscope by allthenightlong Exaggerated by mario837

cake by mcmeep Linked to :thumb243445501: & Bulb Cake by AureliusCat

Iuliasan by buddhakat9 Linked to My Fractal Eye by iuliasan & Elated by iuliasan & Perlin for Janet by iuliasan

:spotlight-left: Literature :spotlight-right:

Translating the DifferenceSing to me songs in languages I do not understand.
Let me pretend I speak them fluently, their letters stumbling leaves
and I will catch them,
whispering new life into each foreign syllable.
When I repeat after you, they will still hold sway
with each rise and fall.
It will be sunset and sunrise, a collaboration of undertones
pulled together by circuits of moonlight.
Perhaps my translation will speak more to you
from the backs of seabirds, spilling across their beaks.
I will not become a spider,
legs aching from spinning, spinning, and spinning
every phrase you divulge to me.
Each sound will be stretched across a nebula,
my werewolf words becoming our mantra.
When this is over, we will understand each other.
Linked to :thumb154415412:

The Quiet ForestThe forest is quiet
but it has too many secrets
that nobody knows except me.
Linked to Quiet forest by Kamitu & Silence. by Kezzi-Rose & How the Forest grew Quiet by alizarin

Linked to RSVPDear Janet, Thank You for the invitation,
I regret that John and I cannot attend.
We argued since the moment we received it
He's driven me, quite frankly, round the bend.
I said "You can't go dressed as Gary Glitter,
I really think it would be in poor taste;
Your silver spandex leotard won't fit you
The flares won't fasten up around your waist."
He said I ought to dress up as a big cat.
My claws, he said, are sharp enough to kill.  
"Well, you go as a nail file or a doormat,"
I replied, "or better yet, a fucking sleeping pill."
I said, "I'd thought of going as a blackbird,
And leaping from a shortcrust pastry pie."
He thought a tart more apt, then said he'd bake it
But only once I'd been sealed up inside.
Well, Jan, you can imagine how he went on...
He said he'd go as Superman!  That's right;
At least he's got the glasses for Clark Kent!  John
then added I could be his Kryptonite.
I said he should just dress up in a flowerpot
As Bill or Ben;
& clark kentSilver eyeshadow and a blush; smack lips
and sway hips. The nail file's on overtime
and the glitter's out sick. Snap bra strap,
winking at the mirror; stars could get lost
in this cleavage, and these cups could be
flowerpots for a healthy crop of petunias
or baskets for hot air balloons, if I chose.
Tonight I'm juxtaposing crepe with Lycra;
all those stubborn parts sedated, yielding
like cats before the leap. Skirt the colour
and size of a blackbird's wing and knickers
tight enough to make me sing. Peep show
smile; big hairstyle. Just the faintest smell
of wine. And I close the phone booth door
without a single sound:
tonight I don't fear Kryptonite.
I'm going on the town.

The Best Case for God: Refuted
Pay it "Foreword"
I recently came across an ingenious website written to argue in favor of the existence of Yahweh, the Christian God.  The argument presented is impressive, if only for its crafty misdirection and intellectual sleight-of-hand.  The website is the work of Rich Deem, who seems very intelligent and well-educated.  In this way he provides evidence for Michael Shermer's quote, "smart people believe weird things because they are skilled at defending beliefs they arrived at for non-smart reasons."
As I wrote this book, I began by focusing on the linked article about whether atheists have disproven God, and then branched out to other parts of the website later.  I then found even more interesting arguments from William Lane Craig and addressed them as well.  I've also included a fe
Linked to Street Corner DrowningI drowned her in her own regrets and moved her off my street corner. She didn't belong there, like that little turquoise car Matty once bought used.  Yeah, it ran great and had power windows.  But, it didn't fit. It was an eyesore on the curbed canvas of our street's patina.
That's what she was: an eyesore.  She never wore her feelings on her sleeve because they restricted her range of motion, she said.  And I wondered what she thought she wouldn't need stiff elbows for on this block.
When the dawn would break in such a fashion that light actually streamed, she should have glittered with the fine sheen of mistakes she'd made. But she was muted by the powders and makeup she used to deny herself that very sparkle.  She saw perfection in that facade, but on our street it was considered sin to never let the neighbors see your underwear on the washline or the late rent notice on your door.
She'd been around too long already for the liking of

:spotlight-left: Goodies :spotlight-right:

Greasemonkey Script for DA Link System
DA Link System Greasemonkey by Metalelf0

dALinkSystem-Promotion Stamp by marthig  DA Link System by FireFlyExposed dA-Link-System Stamp by Annieta-Kr ThedALinkSystem by Annieta-Kr dA LinkSystem Stamp by Miarath dALinkSystem Stamp 2 by dALinkSystem The Link System Stamp1 by TheFulkrum
:icondevlinkplz: :iconshakelinkplz: :iconthelinkerplz:
Linker Stamp by gold-rose

Don’t forget to let me know if your birthday is coming soon so I can feature you in my news article :aww:

Here you can donate points to help keep dALinkSystem a Super Group :icondalinksystem-points:. Any donation is greatly appreciated.

Now remember...

:bulletgreen:Expose yourself.Expose deviants.Expose Art:bulletgreen:

..and Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold.
Zelda Fitzgerald
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